Narayan Academy of Managerial Excellence is located on Old G T Road equidistant from district headquarter Sasaram and Industrial town of Dehri-on-Sone. Entire campus can be divided into 3 different blocks. 1.   Academic Block, 2. Administrative Block and 3. Amenities Area.

  1. Academic Block: Academic Block has fully furnished 4 gallery type lecture theatres. There is one Tutorial room for small group teaching. The computer centre has around 50 nos. multi-media computers for imparting business computing knowledge to the students. Apart from this there is a language lab with computers and headphones for the students to sharpen their various language skills. There is also a Seminar Hall equipped with PA system for organizing seminars of various departments. Academic area also houses library which has more than 1541 books and 36 Indian and International Journals for students and faculties references. Library also has e-Journal subscription.
  2. Administrative Block: To manage the day to day affairs of the college the administrative block have a Principal/Director Room. There is also a board room for top management and HODs meeting for various decision making processes. There are 2 faculties room near the academic area for the faculties. There are separate cabins for the HODs of various departments. This section also houses various offices viz. head office, departmental office, maintenance office, security office, housekeeping office, examination office and placement office. A provision has also been made for pantry for the staff separately.
  3. Amenities Areas: There are separate Boys and Girls Common rooms situated on different floors. There is also a provision for a cafeteria for students and others use. Repro/Stationery room is suitably located for easy access. There is also a separate First Aid/Sick room for emergency requirements. There is also an auditorium for holding various group functions of the college. Apart for this separate Boys and Girls toilets are provided suitably across the building. Separate hostels for boys and girls are also provided with mess facilities. Large playground has also been provided for various games for the students.